Lost and Found

What do you think is the most interesting item left in a Checker? Everything from false teeth to an entire drum kit, to a prosthetic leg and of course we can’t forget the enormous stuffed Beaver trophy. There is never a dull moment at Checker’s Lost and Found during Stampede. Our staff does a top-notch job reuniting items with their owners. If you’ve lost an item please check the list below. The page is updated as items come into the office.

Current Items in our Lost and Found

  • Items can be picked up at The Checker Transportation Group office located at 316 Meridian Rd SE between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday to Friday.
  • You must provide proof of identity and ownership before any item is released. *If you have the item number it will be easier for us to retrieve your item.
  • For more info check our Lost & Found section or email
WP11241 Wallet belonging to Ashley R. November 24, 2021
WP1124 Wallet belonging to Dane W. November 24, 2021
MS1122 Three keys on short purple & black lanyard. November 23, 2021
WP1122 Wallet belonging to Ryan M. November 23, 2021
MS1121 Women's watch with black leather straps. November 22, 2021
CP1121 Rose Gold iPhone 5 in rubber case. Multiple cracks on screed. November 22, 2021
WP1120 Small black Tracker purse. November 22, 2021
CP1114 Black Alcatel flip phone. November 18, 2021
CP1117 Black Samsung J3 in black case. November 17, 2021
CP1116 Black iPhone in clear rubber case. November 16, 2021
WP1116 Driver's License belonging to Sadia I. November 16, 2021
MS1109 Grey & orange back pack November 10, 2021
CP1108 Wallet and red iPhone with cracked screen belonging to Daniel G. November 8, 2021
CP11072 iPhone in black case. November 8, 2021
CP1106 ZTE phone November 8, 2021
MS1101 Three keys on red WCHS strap. November 1, 2021
CP10292 Grey Samsung, no case. November 1, 2021
CP1029 Black LG phone, no case. November 1, 2021