Everything You Wanted to Know about Checker

Checker was founded in 1975 by Al Enders. It started out as a small fleet of black taxis and is now over 900 vehicles strong. Checker grew to be The Checker Transportation Group which includes Ambassador Limousine Services and Rocky Mountain Auto & Collision Centre. The Checker Transportation Group is still owned by the Enders family. We’re proud to support over 1,200 drivers and 100 employees.

About Checker

Providing millions of trips throughout the year, Checker is part of the fabric of the city. We’re a family-owned cab company providing professional service to Calgarians and visitors everyday. We’re redefining how people perceive taxis – Checker is not your typical taxi company.

Do you want to bypass the phones and get the quickest ride in town?

We have the Checker App at your favorite store. Simply download the app, complete the one-time registration and be ready when you want a fast and easy way to secure a cab. Now you can secure your price with Lock In Fare, register your credit card, rate your driver and more. We are continually upgrading the App to enhance the user experience.

Meet Some of Our Drivers

We’re proud of our drivers –  many have been recognized by Tourism Calgary’s White Hat Award for Exceptional Hospitality. With almost 1,400 professional drivers, a Checker is bound to be #rightaroundthecorner.


What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
I love to work here because the company is good to the drivers and I know we matter to the company.  They give the drivers great service and we give the customers great service.
What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy fixing my cars and even my friends’ cars. I also  invent things. I have four tickets so I can make or fix many things.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
Calgary is a friendly city, just like my home town in Eritrea.

33 years Active

What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
He enjoys the flexibility of his work schedule because it gives him a good work/life balance.
What do you do in your spare time?
Fishing and more fishing. Ghafour also enjoys Billiards. You can often find him playing at Garage Sports Bar.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
He really appreciates the people in Calgary. The more he speaks to them, the more he learns. Ghafour likes the cleanliness of the city and the friendly people.

5 years Active

What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
Checker is a fantastic company to work for. Gary has worked for all of the taxi companies but he loves Checker and intends on staying.
What do you do in your spare time?
Gary is an avid gardener. He and his wife enjoy landscaping their yard and growing plants.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
Gary has worked in a few Canadian cities but Calgary is home. He loves the beautiful, clean city. The sunshine energizes him.

16 years Active
What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
Twenty years ago he had friends working at Checker and they suggested he give it a try. Here he is 20 years later – the only taxi company he has worked for.
What do you do in your spare time?
Abe enjoys swimming and walking through our green spaces all over Calgary
What is the best thing about Calgary?
With it being the sunniest city in Canada, he likes all the sunshine. He thinks the people are friendly and kind.
20 years Active

What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
Muhammad says he  only wants to drive for Checker and has done so for over 35 years. He says it is the best cab company and it’s all he will drive for because the drivers are professional. His Checker cab is #1.
What do you do in your spare time?
In his spare time he likes to play the horses, and head to work out by swimming.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
He love the cleanliness of the city and the friendly atmosphere.

35 years Active

What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
Checker is #1 because drivers get straight answers from the top to bottom on every matter. The company works hard to make sure their drivers know where to pick up customers so we get more trips. They treat drivers/customers with respect. You make a good living at Checker.
What do you do in your spare time?
I love to cook and I really enjoy staying home and relaxing.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
The people are the best thing about Calgary, oh and the sunny weather. I even like the bad weather because it means more trips.

4 years Active

What do you enjoy about working at Checker?
Checker is a terrific organization. They treat drivers very well with networking opportunities and great standards.
What do you do in your spare time?
Family time is Priority #1.  He and his wife enjoy dining out with their daughter.
What is the best thing about Calgary?
Ravi moved to Calgary in 1982 and he believes it’s a great city with kind people. There are many opportunities in YYC and the sunshine is a huge benefit.

20 years Active
  • Terri Critchley2/04/2022

    Lovely sporty service.

  • Heather H1/29/2022

    I was at emergency at one of the hospitals, put my phone on silent and left it on the cab seat on the way home. The driver found it and returned it to me about 20 minutes later. It is my life line. The cab number was 838 and I thank this driver so much for his kindness!! So thankful there are still people like this and that they drive for Checker. I have always had good experiences with Checker and this one was exceptional!!

  • Puffs McGee1/26/2022

    The taxis show up and take you where you want to go. Amazing.

  • Chester Whinehouse1/19/2022

    So clean inside blew my mind..

  • Shelina Prescott1/13/2022

    Great, during peak periods they are cheaper in price than ride sharing options

  • Christopher Edwards1/11/2022

    Fast service and very polite.

  • Jasmine Trills1/11/2022

    Good company easy number always downtown

  • Prowler1/11/2022

    I am extremely thankful to Mr. Ravi and Mr. Daniels for their above and beyond service. Their help literally saved me my new job. Will recommend this cab service to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brett Villeneuve1/11/2022

    Best taxi service in Calgary. Hands down.Always on time and friendly drivers.

  • Prowler1/08/2022

    I am extremely thankful to Mr. Ravi for his above and beyond service. His help literally saved me my new job. Will recommend this cab service to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauri Kauppinen1/06/2022

    Friendly driver , great service

  • Travis Wiebe12/31/2021

    Fair prices and arrive at your location quickly.

  • Brett Villeneuve12/25/2021

    Best taxi service in Calgary. Hands down.

  • Michael Henry Ponic12/25/2021

    Clean and fast

  • Maleka Mohammad12/25/2021

    They are very fast. The service is also friendly. They already know your location and where to take you.

  • Kyle Fix12/21/2021

    Quick fast service, call them every time

  • Betty-Anne Purdy12/19/2021

    Quick and professional service.

  • Patsy Stewart12/17/2021

    It is freezing cold out tonight., I was cold and in pain. The dispatcher told the driver I needed assistants, I found out. THANK YOU! This wonderful young man who picked me up said sit back and relax you will be home soon, are you still cold. He was so pleasant, I thought I was driving with one of my sons. This young man is from India and drove cab701.What an excellent representative for Checker Cabs.

  • faith jinji12/17/2021

    I just wanted to say out of all the Drivers from Checker cab that have assisted me Tahir (#1310) was the best. Unfortunately my hands were so cold I accidentally tapped the 4th star, in my opinion Tahir is the epitome of excellent customer service. He deserves all the stars and more.He spoke to my kids and made us laugh, as he noticed one of my kids was tired. He waited for me to pick up my kids and brought us home safely.To Tahir my daughter said you are so nice and was happy I gave you a little thank you I know it wasn’t substantial, I would ideally give more but I just wanted you to get a warm drink as you work outdoors.Stay safe and stay blessed for I know God will bless you abundantly. I left your team a message to pass on to you, for you are an amazing person. Keep doing what you do.Windsor Park Lady :)

  • Leonard Hofer12/14/2021

    Was excellent fast and can driver was totally professional. 2 thumbs up

  • Lori Bothwell12/13/2021

    Always great service and affordable ????

  • Manan Sheth12/02/2021

    Really helpful and fast service

  • Jodie Parkin11/30/2021

    Fast service. Professional

  • Akshat Vats11/26/2021

    Quick and fast

  • Ryan Hiebert11/12/2021

    Got me where I needed to go.

  • Abir Bachir11/09/2021

    Amazing cabbie Alum saw me waiting outside the hospital and came back for me after the can I ordered didn't show up

  • Rob Perry11/08/2021

    Good service

  • Dawn Karpenchuk11/08/2021

    Due to visitation restriction t my aunt"s long term care centre I am unable to see her. The Checker drivers will come and pick up her mail and other items I have for her and delivery to the centre for me. What a GREAT SERVICE this has been for me.

  • Tami Kendall11/08/2021

    LOVE Checker Cabs!! Very clean and professional!!

  • Len Eau11/08/2021

    Update .... THANK YOU to the outstanding driver that picked my family up at the airport! The vehicle was exceptionally clean and the driver was outstanding!Just downloaded the Checker App ... awesome! Was able to pre-book a time call to pick me up after the Flames game and knowing the car number was easy to make sure the car was for me. Only wish I could know who the driver was in advance. Recommend everyone "tap that app"!

  • Sarah Roberts11/08/2021

    My company uses Checker for our major functions to get everyone home safe and sound. They are a great professional company that I recommend to all of my friends.

  • Jodena Rogers11/08/2021

    Thank you for the cab ride home last night! The driver was pleasant and got me home safe and sound.

  • Baljit Chahal11/05/2021

    i good service

  • Tuck Soon11/01/2021

    Very efficient and easy to call for the taxi service. Was fast to reach me and pick up me to my destinationDriver was friendly and courteous all the way to my destination.Looking forward to call again for taxi service with this company, Checker Cabs

  • Craig Johnstone10/26/2021

    Very friendly driver. Didn't Hassel me about wearing a face diaper.

  • Kevin Mudry10/25/2021

    Checker Cabs was very professional and friendly - from opening the car door for me at both my pick up and drop off addresses and helping me carry my bags to the door - Great Job Checker Keep It Up

  • Raven Ducharme10/22/2021

    I absolutely love checker’s cab ???? they are always on time, polite and go above an beyond. I have always used them and always will, would a 1000% recommend!!

  • Madeleine Ducharme10/22/2021

    Checker Cabs have the best drivers! I have had nothing but excellent service from them. They are at my door in minutes and the Checker App is so convenient and easy to use. Keep doing what you do, Checker! ????

  • Hera Wong10/22/2021

    Second time use Checker cab, driver come pretty quick to my house, no delay to the airport, helped me with my heavy luggage, polite, good service.

  • Paul Cormier10/21/2021

    Pre-booked Checker Cab pick-up at Stage West after the show. Booking time was 9:40 pm and driver arrived promptly at 9:40 pm! Couldn't ask for better service. Driver was courteous and drove us directly to our hotel nearby. Even though it wasn't long or expensive, the driver remained professional and advised that they service all requests. Well done. Will definitely use Checker next time as we are season ticket holders. I expect to receive the same level of service again, and again.

  • Anita Edgington10/21/2021

    Awesome driver and really clean car, friendly drivers.

  • Gina Ranni10/20/2021

    Checker Cabs have always been there for us when we needed to get somewhere! Whether it be to a gala, a girls night out, a party, to a friends house or in a great time of need like when my car broke down. Checker has always been quick to respond, on time, professional, personable and has always given me a sense of safety. Booking is so streamlined either by using the mobile app or just by picking up the phone to call. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND A BIG THANK YOU!

  • Tyler Pritchard10/20/2021

    I use Checker all the time, and have to say, they are fantastic. Reliable, professional, friendly, safe and great value. I know there are alternatives, but you truly get the most for your money with Checker. Highly recommend as your go- to ride!!

  • Neil10/20/2021

    I have been using Checker Cabs for many years now they are my go to taxi company whenever I need a ride. Their vehicles are always clean and the drivers are always very friendly and professional. They always get me to my destination without surge pricing like certain other companies. I prefer to support local businesses rather than a big corporations that are not even from this city.

  • Emmett Connor10/20/2021

    Fast, Reliable, and great customer service! Checker is always my go to when I need to get around the city. Shout out to #1180 super fun to have a conversation with!

  • Eduardo Perez10/20/2021

    Used checker a few weeks ago during huge rain storm. Driver was excellent. Cab was super clean. I used the app to get a quick ride.

  • Tracy Warner10/20/2021

    I've always had good experiences with Checker cab, they've been my go-to for cab services since I first started taking cabs back in the fun, younger days of going out all the time! Most recently I needed a pickup at a set time, the cab showed up 5 minutes before that and had me to my destination in plenty of time. Cab driver was friendly and professional. I will use Checker cabs every time!

  • gina horwood10/20/2021

    App was super easy to use and I love the locked in fare!

  • Dick Fredrickson10/19/2021

    Amazing support staff. They always seem to go the extra mile for their customers.

  • Roly Taylor10/19/2021

    Great Taxi Service!! Driver are always dressed professionally and cars are always clean. My only choice for a taxi in Calgary!

  • Huss H10/18/2021

    I'm personally impressed with how checker continues to stay up to date with technology, through their systems and apps.

  • Joe Hegholz10/18/2021

    I have used Checker Cabs, particularly when going to and from Calgary International Airport. I usually have an early morning flight and I would never take a chance with another service. The taxi driver always calls me upon arrival and is early, just to be safe. Thank you Checker Cab for always ensuring a smooth and trouble-free service!

  • Tom Watts10/18/2021

    I always prefer to use Checker Cabs over any of the apps and other things. They're always on time, customer service is great and it's good to know I'm supporting a local company!

  • Dave Taylor10/18/2021

    Love the checker app. It always saves me time when it's busy. The fact that they don't up the price when it get busy is great as well!

  • Tammy Warner10/18/2021

    As a mom Checker "Checks off" all my boxes when it comes to my children getting to and from a location safely, especially if they have been drinking. I know these drivers are monitored and are constantly taking courses to better themselves. I love the staff, the drivers and what this company stands for. =)

  • Panos Kantzilieris10/18/2021

    I had a great ride with Checker. The driver was terrific. I used Lock In Fare and saved big time!Let's support local businesses and people.

  • Audrey Haines10/18/2021

    Fast service was just a phone call away!

  • J Scott10/16/2021

    Super fast

  • Maurice Walch10/15/2021

    Clean, fast and friendly and the Checker app makes getting around town pretty easy. And no surge pricing like those other guys!

  • Patricia Gallant10/14/2021

    The driver was very nice and helped me unload my numerous bags. Very professional.

  • Wayne Haight9/30/2021

    Perfect service

  • C Jarvis9/27/2021

    I used this taxi service 4x over the last 3 days while visiting Calgary. Excellent service, very professional service - highly recommend.

  • Ramia D9/16/2021

    Excellent service

  • comfort festus-ari9/16/2021

    They were prompt and their Drivers are professionals.

  • Walter Favell8/29/2021

    Quick professional service! Never have wait long friendly drivers and helpful.

  • Michael Gregory8/24/2021

    10 bucks 10 bucks 10 bucks! I will tip you so we'll. Thank you for picking me up soooo many times at 39 Ave station after I missed the last train after walking to the station from Ogden. Love your cheeky little service.

  • Mike Gregory8/24/2021

    Great service

  • Tim Gilhuly8/23/2021

    Never had a bad experience or waited too long for a cab. Drivers are friendly and super courteous.

  • Nick Blake8/09/2021

    Fast local cab company

  • German Lopez7/13/2021

    Exelente servicio

  • Kaj Jensen7/12/2021

    Good service. Acomadating drivers.

  • Heather Bray6/27/2021

    Easy to use! Great knowledgeable drivers

  • Helen Charette6/17/2021


  • HASSAN DEEAB6/07/2021

    Good service

  • Gareth Mccleave6/04/2021

    Pleasant. Realistic. Efficient

  • Sami el-dib5/27/2021

    Excellent service ????

  • Nancy Shindler5/06/2021

    Huge shout out to our awesome van cab ???? driver #13 today. Very kind, funny, professional, personable, helpful with a positive attitude. Loves his job ❤️ Thank-you for an enjoyable ride ????Service: Taxi company

  • Justin HaydesLostSoul5/05/2021

    Very great cab company I am in a wheelchair they help me with getting up my steps and with my bags they go above and beyond

  • Nancy Shindler4/28/2021

    Huge shout out to our awesome van cab ???? driver #13 today. Very kind, funny, professional, personable, helpful with a positive attitude. Loves his job ❤️ Thank-you for an enjoyable ride ????

  • Ellie Belle4/28/2021

    Staff is great, drivers are lovely. I feel quite safe using Checker. Great experience.

  • Sherry Gaudet4/19/2021

    Super helpful staff in a troubled time

  • Derek Ridden4/19/2021

    Great service

  • marcus coulombe4/19/2021

    Great taxis, but I do have an idea to better the service: free wifi

  • Mohsan Hamid4/19/2021

    Love checker cabs

  • D S4/19/2021

    Fast and friendly service.

  • Tina4/06/2021

    Super fast and always know best ways to avoid traffic

  • Jessica Cherwick3/19/2021

    I was having some difficulties with the app which Layna went above and beyond to help fix. I was pleasantly surprised with the high level of customer service as she had provided me with a working solution promptly.Happy to use this company as the drivers are the most professional of all the cab companies and the cabs are always the cleanest as well.

  • Tina & Wade Perry3/19/2021

    Super fast and always know best ways to avoid traffic

  • Ahmed ZABARA3/06/2021

    Forgot my wallet on a cab and called later , the operator connected me to the driver who just found it , brought it back to where I was and refused to take the fare charge money.Excellent customert service.

  • Jatinder Sharma1/06/2021

    Very good reliable and on time and helpful driverNeet and clean cars

  • Hamza Shaukat12/06/2020

    Cabs are good, drivers are also nice and the rates are less as compared to other services in Calgary.

  • Olivia m12/06/2020

    Cab 214 was very respectful and polite! I appreciate the quiet and kindness. Thank you sir.

  • Fenns Den10/06/2020

    Better than Uber ANY DAY...????