Checker Services

Over four million trips a year seems like a staggering number, but it’s true! Those trips include pets, school age children, date night couples, bike rack trips, and even Edmonton and beyond trips. Now Checker has moved into delivering groceries, pharmacy items, restaurant food, auto parts and almost anything you can think of. We’re a leader in Corporate Accounts, Special Occasion and Temporary Accounts. We also accommodate Special Occasion Accounts for Parties/Events.

Checker Butlers

Checker Butlers make life easy on employees. Press a button and a Checker will arrive shortly. No need to stop working to call a Checker.


Always available to drive or pick you up from the airport.


Checker provides various options for delivering all types of goods. Cost-effective with 900 Checkers ready to pick up for you.

Corporate Services

The corporate community has trusted Checker for over 45 years. Our large fleet accommodates all types of stress-free business requirements. Whether you require a taxi for a work event or need to supply Checker to out-of-town staff, Checker can provide the vehicles and the quality service to make your travels stress-free. Open an account with us and get invoiced instead of paying in the vehicle.

Airport Pickup & Drop-Off Services

If your next trip for business or pleasure brings you to the Calgary International Airport (YYC), Checker’s professional, courteous drivers will get you to your destination. Either download the Checker App and book while you wait for your luggage or call 403-299-9999. You can also pre-book your airport pickup and drop-off with our friendly call takers.


The Checker Mobile App

Do you want to bypass the phones and get the quickest ride in town? We have the Checker App at your favorite store.

Register your Credit Card for easy In App Payment
Book your Checker in advance on our App
Use Lock In Fare so you know the price before you get in the Taxi

Wheelchair Access Vehicle Services

We operate 35 Wheelchair Accessible Vans. Our drivers are trained and certified by our Regulatory Body. To order a Wheelchair Van call WAVCalgary which is the city’s centralized wheelchair dispatch service 403-974-1110. You can also download the WavCalgary APP at your App store.

Stand-By Checker Services

Stand-by is the perfect way to have taxis available to your guests at a designated time, or they can remain on-site to shuttle them to and from their destination. Using this service eliminates calling a new Checker each time guests want to be transported to a different location. Stand-by taxi service is pre-arranged with one of our coordinators and an hourly rate will apply, plus standard meter fare.

For larger functions, we offer Management Service. A Checker team member remains on-site at the end of your event to assist your guests into taxis and to assure they are only used for your event.

Parent Tracker

A question we are often asked is if we transport school aged children. We do drive children with certain criteria. It’s always best to call 403-299-9999 or send us an email.

On our App, there’s the ability to Parent Track either a child or perhaps a loved one who needs a little extra care. At Checker we provide peace of mind – oh, and every Checker has a camera in the vehicle for added security.

Taxi Butler Services

The Checker Taxi Butler is the most efficient and quick way of ordering taxis. It’s user-friendly and allows you to order a taxi from all venues like restaurants, bars, cafes, hospitals, offices, and hotels. If the Butler sounds like it would benefit your business, contact our team.

Book a Checker Today or Reserve One for Tomorrow

Book your way. Do you like high tech? Use our App. Prefer to speak to a call taker? Call our easy to remember phone number. Enjoy your laptop more than your phone? Book Online. Love to text? Text Checker your address.

Checker Delivery Services


We’ve been moving people and parcels for over 45 years. Checker has a solution for your delivery needs. Contact us for more information.

Food Delivery

As a restaurant owner are you tired of the big food delivery apps and their charges? Checker’s a local company offering flat-fee delivery service. Contact our Sales team 403-974-1156 or email for more information.


Does your customer need your products delivered quickly? Or do you have customers you need to safely shuttle? Checker has the answer. We’re delivering a variety of products in and around Calgary with professional drivers. Contact us for more information.


Do you need to deliver groceries or meals to a loved one? Do you want to set up an account for a parent to get to an appointment or your child to piano lessons? At Checker we can set up a Personal Account so you can take care of the important people in your life. If you have a Personal Account set up, you can book online or with the Checker APP. Contact us for more information on how to set up the account.


For over 45 years Checker has been driving customers to their health care appointments. Please note, if you’re Covid positive or on the way to a Covid Testing facility we’re unable to take you, for the safety of our drivers and customers.

Events / Parties

Setting up a party, corporate event or large family get-together?  We can set up Stand-By taxis and even an account to pay for your guest’s ride. Contact us for more information on how to set up the account.