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We love backseat drivers at Checker…but we prefer our drivers in the front

Have you heard the song, “I’ve been everywhere man,” sung by Johnny Cash?  Well, this song could be about our 1,400 drivers because they ARE everywhere. No matter where you roam in Calgary there’s our trademark yellow cab #rightaroundthecorner.

With over 900 cabs on the road we’re hiring more professional drivers at Checker.  You can become your own boss, make your own hours, take the kids to school and be home for dinner. It’s up to you the amount of time you want to spend behind the wheel.

Don’t know how to apply? Simple. Go to thecheckergroup.com and click, “DRIVER APPLICATION.”  Fill out the form, submit and book yourself into a class. We hold classes every week at head office – CHECKER CAB, 316 Meridian RD SE.

Why Checker? We’re the biggest, we have the most professional drivers, we take pride in our rides, we have city, school board and corporate contracts, and we have the newest technology. Oh, we also love our long-time customers.

Need more reasons? Checker has bike racks, putting more backseat drivers in your seat, we have many ways to pay in the cab, we have driver BBQs, contests, rewards and so much more.  Do you know Checker is at the Dome? We advertise during home games and the playoffs making certain thousands of potential customers hear about us. We’re all over Stampede often giving out prizes and discounts so more and more people use our services.

If this hasn’t convinced you, check out our Social. We’re busy on all channels, making sure Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians know about our bright yellow cars.

Al Enders started this company 45 years ago, with the phrase, “We didn’t invent the taxi business we just made it better.” You bet we made it better – way better. We look forward to training you the Checker way DRIVER APPLICATION.

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